Savannah Apartments in Las Vegas is not a place to rent

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If you have a head on your shoulders, do not rent from Savannah Apartments on Silverado Ranch Blvd in Las Vegas.They're sweet to move you in but horrendous once you get there.

They will rent the same tyupe of apartment to you at one price and lower to another. They will not lower your rent at the time of your lease expiration even if someone new rents lower the same day. Then manager June is two faced and mean. DO NOT RENT AT SAVANNAH APARTMENTS.

If you do lose your head and decide to, lease from Chris, the sweetest person in the world. The maintenance crew is tops however.

Save yourself frustration and do not rent at Savannah Apartments on Silverado Ranch Blvd in Las Vegas.

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I couldn't agree more!!!They evicted me over Christmas over made up late fees even though the rent was paid.

I told the manager Tammy I'd be away for the holidays and she knew the dates I'd be gone. I also tried to give her the money and she Wundt take it. So screw her then I just put the money on a better place. But while I was gone Tammy proceeded with the eviction and had my locks changed and when I went back after the constable had sealed the door their security people had the key to let me in and my tv and blanket was missing.

Can you believe even after all that they even stooped as low as to steal my *** tv. Wtf?!?! I went down to the office to complain and June got in my face.

Is she crazy?!?!Stay far away from this *** hole

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Also there's always people in and out of the complex who don't live there and hang out in the pool n hot tub.There's always break ins, maintenance is horrible, they have cockroaches and they love to tow people's cars in the middle of the night while they are sleeping.

The police are always here over some sort of issue. The staff are thieves, liars , rude and nasty. I could go on for days but I'm just happy to be out of there.

Oh and it's way over priced!!!!Stay far far away!!!!


Save your money and do not move into Savannah Apartments!!!They are rude and June is hostile and violent!

The change the price of your apartment all the time!

I did not feel safe and they do not care who moves in.The police are always on property because of all the drugs,violence and noise!

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